What up yall. A little bit ago I talked about soundtracks, specifically I talked about a joint called Soul in the Hole, that I hadn’t seen. On Tuesday I was in Best Buy looking for a Alvin and the Chipmunk DVD for little Earl and came across the Soul in the Hole DVD for $4.99. I had to grab it. Not a bad flick. It’s a documentary about a streetball squad from Brooklyn, specifically Bed-Stuy. The Kenny Kings, ran by a cashier in a liquor store, was a collections of all-city ballers. Lead by Booger Smith, a point guard with handles and can shoot your lights out. It’s a lot of showing them at tournaments throughout the city, but that’s not where this gets good. Kenny, the guy the team is named after, has taken in Booger as his own kid after a mother said he was a lost cause.  It shows their interactions along with Kenny’s wife. The end of summer gets crazy, Booger gets set to go away to school, and Kenny goes through some real life issues. You should check this one out.  It’s a documentary so once you’ve seen it one you don’t need to see it agin, so it’s a rent, but chances are it aint at your local redbox so if you know me you can hold it, but if not the five bucks aint a killer for a pretty good doc.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Peace #YOIW