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Happy Thursday, we’re over the hump. I got an early copy of the Nas today and so far…it’s freakin dope. Even officer Ricky KILLED his verse, not “did good enough”, but he rocked the joint. People that know me know if I say Ross killed something, he did, I am not a fan of the bawse. I said to my work co-pilot “It always puts me in a good mood to hear quality “NEW” music; because it’s so few and far between, and I wish there was more like it. I got to thinking, what would I put on a specific “Hip Hop” wish list? What collabos would you want to see? What reunions, what albums, what concerts? What trends in music would you put a stop to, who would you like to see win? I’ve thought of a few of these, and here they are.
I wish the Fugees didn’t breakup and Lauryn didn’t go crazy. The Score was a classic, and so was The Miseducation…, now she’s nuts, ‘Clef is a non factor and…well nobody cares about Pras.
An Outkast album would be dope. I’m not talking two separate albums, or some crap with Lex Lugar and Swizz on the beat. I’m talking Dre & Big Boi, over Rico Wade joints, with Cee-Lo Goodie (Not Green) singing the hooks and Kujo reading poetry between songs, with Dre wearing a turban and Big Boi talkin that pimp ish.
I could also go for a “Where Are They Now” mixtape. A lot of who’s who of the 90s over current beats. I’d put Kurious, The Beatnuts, Question Mark Asylum, The Fu-Shnickens, Da Brat, Kris Kross and A+, but they all have to surprise me with how nice they still are or have gotten.
Also, a new group, all members can rap, even the producer.
Speaking of groups with a producer, I WANT A NEW LITTLE BROTHER ALBUM!!!!! There I said it, Phonte is better than your favorite rapper. And I want 9th to rhyme on one (JUST ONE) joint. They have CLASSICS.
I’d wish all the skinny jeans, snapbacks and lensless glasses away.
I’d wish for Matth to get his own joint over a Primo beat, along with distribution, a Nas collabo, sell a lot of records and a huge percentage for his manager.
I’d wish DJ Premier would stop f’n with all these wack rappers like the NYGs and do strictly joints with Nas, Jay and all other Dope upper echelon emcees.
I would have Jeannie blink me front row tickets to my dream show, which I promote, featuring Black Star, Little Brother and the Justus League, Slaughterhouse, Bad Meets Evil, Wu-tang WITH Dirt (I said WISH), Native Tongues, The Roc (they can even bring Bleek), The Firm, UGK with The Pimp, and Death Row Records roster from 95.
In a word, Detox.
A Freeway/Ghostface album with all Just Blaze beats.
1999 DMX.
I wish The Commission made and album.
I wish Big L had made a Big Budget album.
I wish Canibus’ debut had no ‘Clef on it, Just Nas and Rakim with production by Q-Tip, Premier and Pete Rock.
I wish people would stop falling victim to Hip-hop Willie Lynch. The old heads say the young heads are wack, the young heads say the old heads are hating, New York rappers don’t want anyone to win from anywhere else, it needs to stop.
I wish Tyler the Creator would win the lottery, and decide he didn’t need to make any more music.
I wish somebody would bring back good, funny skits to rap albums. i.e. Packing the mac in the back of the ac, ghost weed, and whatever that was on the Kurious album.
I wish Game would focus on making good music instead using some sort of gimmick to win.
Two words, Rawkus returns.
I wish you had to pay royalties for style jacking, like it’s chump.
I wish Strictly Hip Hop (Shout out Jewel, Florida and J Nyce) was on from 12-5PM Monday thru Friday, AND, I could get good reception in my office and they crushed the Q in ratings every day.
I’d wish for a physical Hip Hop Hall of Fame.
I’d also like to get interviewed by Nardwuar, just to see what he’d dig up and find out about me…he’s dope, if you haven’t heard of him do a search for him on YouTube, his interviews are better than anyone else’s.
I wish Oprah cared about Hip Hop and pumped some money and gave some shine to it. Would have been nice.
And finally I wish all tough talking, dope dealing rappers a. had to prove they’re legit b. showed the down side of the game and c. were original.
There you have it…my Hip Hop Wish list. This was a complete freestyle; by the way I wish all freestyles were “off the top”. What would yall like to see in our culture? What would you change? Well, the sun is shining, my wife comes back tomorrow, Moms is cooking dinner and there are 55 days until Dallas Cowboy football. By the way the New Era NFL Sideline Caps came out today and they are dope, if you disagree…Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace