…without a dope blog to step to.  Yes, it’s been over a week, no, I haven’t gone anywhere, yes I’m doing a Top 10 Tuesday on Thursday, and no, I’m not explaining my absence.  Anyway, for my comeback post I figured, why not post my comeback blog about comebacks, all types of comebacks, returns from hiatus, retorts, and replies.

10.  Michael Vick – My dog Mike Vick makes this list for the obvious comeback.  Made an example of by “The Man” and got sent up the road, lost endorsements, lost freedom, not to mention lost homies because they decided to get their canary on.  Came back strong, a better pocket passer, and more mature QB and gave a great speech this year at the rookie symposium.   Number seven would have been higher on the list but he plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, and I hate them, so there.

9.   The Rock – Dewayne Johnson made the list for his return to the ring this past Wrestlemania.  He faced John Cena in a match that had the biggest buildup (a full year), in history.  The Rock had taken a 7 year leave of absence from the ring.  After hosting ‘Mania 27, where I was in the 17th row (Shoutout Raymaze) and he attached John Cena in the main event, he accepted a challenge from the Doctor of Thuganomics the following night at Raw.  Dope match, epic build up, classic comeback.

8.  “Second Round Knockout” by Canibus – This is my favorite diss record of all time.  James Todd Smith had completely over reacted to a line from Canibus’ original verse on “4, 3, 2, 1”.  The line went “Ayo Meth where the Gods at? Red, Where ya squad at?  L, is that a mic on your arm, let me borrow that?”  Even Redman said no one but LL would take it like he did.  Young Germaine Williams came back with a dope, hard hitting joint, with Mike “Ear Snacking” Tyson on the hook and intro.  Classic bars like “99% of you fan wear high heels” and “make your wife get on the horn and call Minister Farrakhan” punctuated the vigor and anger caused by a legendary MC taking unwarranted attack at a young up and comer.  What a comeback indeed.  By the way, Canibus won that battle and if you disagree…

7.  John Travolta – At the end of the 70s Vinnie Barbarino was the man.  Grease, Saturday Night fever and Welcome Back Kotter had John on the top.  But a bad sequel (Staying Alive) and a sting of movies nobody cared about had his career on the ropes.  Not even Bruce Willis as a baby could save his career.  What it took was a young cocky director, a ponytail, and a whole lot of F-bombs to give his career an adrenaline shot to the heart (see what I did there).  Great comeback, word to Sammy J’s Jheri Curl.

6.  Michael Jordan – What do you do after you become the best basketball player in the world and win 3 NBA championships?  Go play baseball.  And that’s just what MJ did.  One thing he learned is, you cannot be the best in the world at two sports.  After the lukewarm season for the Barons, he decided to head back home to the NBA.  Jersey already retired he put on 45, his baseball number and got back to servin’ almost immediately.  The season he took off the Bulls got mopped up, and the year he came back the Magic took em out in the playoffs.  But the next year he came back for real and the Bulls 3-peated again.

5.  Robert Downey Jr. – This Brat Pack star was in a lot of movies in the late 80s and early 90s.  Then, the trouble started.  Drugs.  I can’t remember seeing him on TV in the late 90s without his signature Orange LA County issue jumpsuit.  He then did what all people that wanna make a comeback do before they go back to work: Oprah.  After that he took off again, now it’s Iron Man and The Avengers and Sherlock Holmes and Tropic Thunder.  Nice Comeback

4.  “Ether” by Nas – “I got this, locked since ‘9-1 I am the truest, name a rapper that I ain’t influenced” Word Nas, word.  Mr. Jones caught a body on this Ron Browz track.  Jay shoulda left him off the summer jam diss fest that included Mobb Deep as well.  Nasty Nas replied at first with a small freestyle and then…ETHER.  Went all the way in on Jay, like Cain said at the end of Menace: Damn! I never thought he’d come back like this, blasting.

3.  1993 Buffalo Bills against the Houston Oilers – This one is actually called “The Comeback”; it HAD to make the list right.  The greatest losers in NFL history, The Buffalo Bills, had just gotten blown out a few weeks earlier by Warren Moon and company.  Not only did they lose the last game of the regular season, but they lost Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly.  Maryland Terp Alumni Frank Reich took over.  In the rematch the Bills once again found themselves down at the half 28-3.  The AFCs best team ended up scoring28 points in the 3rd and ended regulation in a tie.  Good ol’ Warren Moon threw a pick in OT with an additional few yards added on for a facemask that led to a field goal and another playoff win on the way to a 52-17 BLOWOUT in the Superbowl that year to the Dallas Cowboys. #HBTC

2.  George Forman – Before he was the grill master, Big George was the comeback kid…well the comeback man.  Far from a kid he came out of retirement, two years from turning 40 with the insane purpose of fighting “Iron” Mike Tyson.  I’m very glad this did not happen; I’m a fan of both fighters.  He did go on to defeat Bert Cooper Gerry Cooney and Michael Moorer to finally become the oldest heavyweight champion ever at 45 years of age, comeback kid indeed.

…and the winner is…

1.  Jesus – hey…died for our sins. Rose on the third day, from death. In the words of Jigga, what more can I say.

There you have it, MY list, the comebacks…more sun more heat, and we’re getting closer to Cowboy football by the second, 62 days and that’s great news, if you don’t feel the same way…Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace