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Wow…what a weekend. Started off with Earl III and I doing breakfast, the barbershop (Earl did great), and Toys ‘R us…all done before 11am. A small break and then a birthday party. Ended the night with some NFL Network a very entertaining fight, homie smoove broke Vic Ortiz jaw. Woke up Sunday to go my younger brother’s soccer game…and this dude gets ejected for fisticuffs…so I immediately recruit him as a teammate for the kickball game Kendel and Turn threw. You need a show nuff rider when grown folks play game they aint supposed to…people get hurt and get angry easy in the summer heat. To cap it all off, Donyele (Mrs.Your Opinion is Wrong) and I went to see a comedy Legend, Paul Mooney. We drop Earl off with my little bro, ol’ melee Pele, and get to the comedy club JUST IN TIME. Show starts and they let us know the normal opener wasn’t performing, but was replaced by another comedy legend, “Peanut-fix-me-a-cup-of-that” Dick Gregory. Comes out and rocks a set at almost 80 years old, and then just takes a seat in the crowd to watch the man who said Wayne Brady makes Bryan Gumble look like Malcolm X. Mr. Mooney comes out (pardon my word usage) with a Gucci man bag and signature scarf on his head. Sidebar: They sit me next to a white guy during the Paul “I Hate the White man” Mooney comedy show, who laughed at first but looked like he smelled doo doo about half way through the end of the show. That made me laugh harder. Any who, here’s where my point draws close. Paul spent the entire show sipping what looked to be water with lemon the whole show. Now this guy is one of the greatest TV writers (Richard Pryor stand up and his show, Sanford and Son, In Living Color and Chappelle Show) of all time, but I have always had my suspicions about him. Always seemed to have a little sugar in his tank. As he sipped his drink I think to myself, is there a way to look manly drinking from a straw. NAW BUDDY!…take that straw out your drink, you look like you ride on the back of motorcycles. Speaking of man law, I’ve been made aware that it is currently “ok” for a dude to rock strait leg (tight) jorts with a big cuff in em…naw pimp…nope, not ok. Another no no…Primary colored jeans…you know, red, royal blue, yellow…that’s for women. Last week I saw a 6 foot plus 250 plus dude with a Nicki Manaj t shirt…I’m sure that voids his man card. They aint even supposed to make that shirt in that size. And all the super deep V’s I keep seeing, they CANNOT be sold in the men’s section, they gotta go. Over 25 with a Mohawk…if you don’t fight MMA…you probably wear panties. Ride with the windows down in a car solo with, Beyonce, Ne-yo, Chris Brown, Trey Songs, or Drake(when he’s just singing) cranked…you might need a man-tervention. Do you often get caught up in the drama of certain house wives or celebrity old ladies on VH1…you may be a host of Men on Film (2 snaps up). Really into those Twilight movies? You may have been a Liberace roadie in a former life. Think football and boxing are too violent to watch, your man card got shredded, stomped on and then set a blaze, I’m guessing your Chris Bosh jersey (or a customized Heat jersey with the #1 reading “ball handler”) is on order. Ok, now that I’ve gone too far I guess I’ll wrap up. This is the John Kruk of kickball signing off.  The sun is shining, there’s a horse on my shirt, and there are 72 days until Dallas Cowboys football…and if you aint down with that…Your Opinion Is Wrong.  Peace