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Sorry I didn’t get to put one in yesterday (pause), I may try and do two today.  The first is another Hip-Hop list.  I always found it dope to hear two emcees that never made a song together hot on a joint, the collabo. A lot of times you end up with classic joints like The What, Making A Name For Ourselves, Skew It On The Bar B, or Renegade (by the way The Version with Royce on it is better).  There are also some failures like a certain Kool G Rap and Akinyele joint which is too insane to mention and the whole Firm joint.  But when you get 3, 4 or up to 20 rappers on a joint that comes off well, it’s one of my favorite things in music, the posse cut.  I’m a sucker for 5 random emcees and a hot beat (which is why a. I love Slaughterhouse and B. I tune in once a year for the BET Hip Hop Awards Cyphers).  It is in this spirit I present to you, my Top Ten Posse Cuts.

10.  The Symphony (The Juice Crew) – The one that started it all.  Before Craig G was a freestyle king, before Masta Ace was sitting on chrome an had 2 classic slept on albums, before Kool G rap was beating up Superhead, and before Big daddy Kane was getting chased through Pioneer City, there was the Symphony.  Over a dope piano sample that Marley Marl put up…everybody went in…DOPE.

9.  Live at The Barbeque (Main Source featuring NAS, Joe Fatal and Akinyele) – Dope joint,  ILL beat, and most importantly the world’s introduction to Nasir Jones, streets disciple. I actually saw this performed live at Rock the Bells(RIP) NY last year…EPIC.

8.  4, 3, 2, 1 (LL Cool J featuring Method Man, Redman, Canibus, and DMX) – LL was good for these types a records.  He’d always have a sucka soft single on the radio and then grab a few dope mixtape/street emcees, and put them on a joint to give him some credibility, just like he did with I shot ya, another dope posse cut.  This is the song that started the Canibus/LL Beef (which Canibus WON, if you disagree with that YOIW).  All that said this is a classic joint over a dope Erik Sermon track that is worthy of this list.

7.  Lelaur Leflah Eshkoshka – (The Fab Five aka OGC and Heltah Skeltah) – I’m sure if my cousin Mike reads this he’s gonna say this is supposed to be #1.  A certified classic that introduced me to both these groups including one of the dopes and most underrated emcees of the present, Sean Price(P!!!!).  Beatminerz on the track of course, and everybody does dirt to it. Great joint that stands the test of time.

6.  We’re All in the Same Gang (The West Coast All-Stars: King Tee, Body & Soul, MC Hammer, Oaktown 3.5.7. , Def Jef, Humpty Hump and Money-B, JJ Fad, Young MC, Tone-Loc, Michel’le and Above the Law) – This hodge podge of west coast emcees over a Dr Dre track was ill except it looked like a few of the participants on this anti-gang record were still banging in the video.  My suggestion if you want to stop the homies from bloodin’ and cuzin’ deliver the message in khakis and a white tee, stay away from reds and blues…ICE-T!! LLAM

5.  Buddy (The Native Tongues: De La Soul, The Jungle Brothers, Moni Love, Queen Latifah and Q-Tip) – This was my joint, fun, and dope rhymes all over the Prince Paul beat.  Not to mention these were a lot of my favorite rappers at the time.  Meany, meany, meany, meany, say What….that’s my joint right there.

4.  Crooklyn/Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers/Brooklyn In My Mind (The Crooklyn Dodgers on Crooklyn:  Buckshot, Special Ed, Masta Ace with Q-Tip on production.  on return of the Crooklyn Dodgers:  Chubb Rock, Jeru the Damaja and O.C. with Primo (The G.O.A.T.) on the beat.  On Brooklyn In My Mind:  Jean Grae, Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey Memphis Bleek with 9th Wonder on the track.) – I know it’s cheating to put a series of joints on here but it’s my list so that’s what it’s gonna be.  It’s funny, I thought each one of these had a different thing to give.  The first one had the illest verses, c’mon, buck, ace, even special ed repped.  The 2nd on…the track…and it had the movie with it…that was so crazy, Preem did that.  the third had the most feeling, I mean I hate Memphis Bleek’s music and I thought he killed this, actually stoop up with (not over) Mos and Jean Greasy, two of the dopest lyricist period.  Classic series, I hope they find a reason to do another one.

3.  Flava In Your Ear (Remix) (Craig Mack featuring Rampage the Last Boy scout, James Todd Smith, Busta Bust Down and the beat was provided buy legendary producer Easy Mo Be.  Just a ill song, that beat ruled the world that whole year, but I need somebody to explain t me the LL verse…TF is he talkin bout?! Blowtishious?!?!?  Other than that…classic record, one of the greatest remixes of all time too.

2. Self Destruction ( Boogie Down Productions, Kool Moe Dee MC Lyte, Stetsasonic, Doug E. Fresh, Just Ice, Heavy D,  and Public Enemy with KRS-One, D-Nice and Hank Shocklee on the beat) – This has a strong argument for #1, look at the line up.  this song is iconic.  If there is ever a Hip-hop Hall of Fame half of these people or more are first ballot.  Mc Lyte’s verse was the 1st rap I ever memorized front to back…this is a classic.  Lets us all make sure we forget Self CONstruction…it never happened…naw f that.

here we go, the top posse cut of all time is…………………………..

1.  Scenario (A Tribe called Quest featuring Leaders of the New School) – The definition of a Posse Cut, Busta’s launching pad, the beat is timeless, and the video.  Son…this video was very ahead of its time.  Yo please tell me you remember Redman eating that chicken (llam).  Not to mention Bussa Buss.  One of the dopest cameo ever.  Made you forget all about Dinco D AND Charlie Brown.  Please don’t forget this song also had one of the best remixes EVER…this song is definitely in my top 5 songs all time. 

Whelp, there you have it, the list for today.  Hey the sun is shining, but its a million degrees outside but I got AC so I’m good, it’s almost Friday and there are 76 days until The Cowboys take the field against the GiAints…and if you don’t love that…Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace