Happy Monday *rolls eyes*…anyway, I hope yall enjoyed Father’s day yesterday and weekend in general…I know I did. Sidebar: I f you have ever been a fan of Hip Hop go and see Art of Rap, it was very different from a lot of other rap docs, Ice-T is one of the great minds in hip hop and shows a very unique view of the craft of emceeing. So it’s the beginning of the work week and I think I enjoyed too many Father’s Day Beers (no such thing). I usually don’t get a case of the Mondays but today…Monday is the debil, word to Bobby Boucher’s dear, sweet mamma. You know what else is the devil, blond hair dye sold in beauty supply stores in black neighborhoods, I mean forreal, really…that looks silly. Ooooh, and you know what else, them little ponytail attachments…where they gel the sides down but it still look like they having a race war in their hair, the negro rebel alliance from the scalp to the holder where the silky smooth Asian army has taken over. Honorable mention to wigs that don’t match the texture of them strong sideburns or that piece of kitchen that’s hanging out. And now white ladies have started rocking them joints. U.S. Polo Association is also from Satan, people legit think they’re ‘loing it up for the low…naw buddy…naw. Hey, I know we should support local businesses, and I know I am far from Tony Atlas, but you dudes rocking the Under Armor muscle joint with no muscles gotta be stopped. THEY DONT ADD MUSCELES!!!!! You know who else need saving, these people that have hooves instead of feet that wanna wear Old Navy flip flops…hey man…I’m trying to keep breakfast down…your feet need a lotion IV and your toenail fungus has toenail fungus. You know who is the worst…these people without kids that ALWAYS want to give you parenting advice…I hope you get a severe skin disease. OH!!!!! And that dude at the flea market with the teeth, that tries to put his stanking body oil on you when you’re walkin by…get outta here! And these compulsive gamblers that don’t know it at my job, I get in line for a .85 soda but I gotta wait 20 minutes cause Moms Mabley here had GOT to have 538 combinated for 50 cent box and straight. Little does she know that number aint gonna come until she takes a day off and decides not to run out that day. People that wear Southpole on purpose…………….uhh yeah. Oh and Ravens fans, I’m all for loving and repping you team but Purple cammo…nah pimp…jeans and a Ball so Hard tee would have done the job. You over sharing people on the social networks, I really don’t want to know how high you got before work, how sorry your baby daddy is (hey, you did it to him) or who’s trying to destroy your career at Mickey D’s. I also don’t wanna see any bible verses from you ladies bent over with your butt out on you avatar. You iPhone snobs…oh look you can text a small pile of poop to another iPhone user, awww how sweet. Anyway…I love you all, but this is how I feel…and if you don’t wanna ride with me I got 4 words for ya….Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace