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I started watching professional wrestling around ’86-’87. The 1st thing I remember accidentally turning to Hulk Hogan (in full ring gear) in his kitchen on the phone pleading with Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff to reconcile and be friends again on a Saturday morning. I thought I had discovered fire all over again. I get to see fights with muscle bound giants with cool entrance music every Saturday morning. I later found out my big cousin Boobie had been watching for years and had to put me on to the game. He let me know that Vince and the crew weren’t the only show in town. I then discovered the NWA and Ric Flair. I was always a bigger fan of the WWF/E when I was a kid. Not because of the production values, a smaller ring, or lack of muscle bound giants…nope there was a lack of people that looked like me. All I remember on NWA/Jim Crockett Promotions were corn fed rednecks with mullets and Ric Flair, greatest heel (bad guy) ever. I looked at WWF and I get to see Koko B Ware, Junk Yard Dog and even bad guys like The Natural Butch Reed. It is in the spirit of this adolescent racism I present to you the Top Ten Black Wrestlers of all time:

Honorable mention goes to Dusty Rhodes, he’s not black, but there is something to be said for 302 lbs. of blue eyed soul, the son of a plumber daddy! I had no idea what to think when I first saw The American Dream, it’s a white guy that talks like a black dude…is he really white…I have a lot of REALLY light skinned folks in my family maybe he…I dunno. Great talker, good booker, decent worker…Legend.

10. D-Von Dudley (aka Brother Devon): ECW legend, and one half of one of the top 5 tag teams of all time, the Dudley Boyz. Good worker, great talker, and the best over seller in the biz. He’s still at it, he holds one of the crap titles over @ TNA I think.

9. Bobby Lashley: Big swole soft spoken dude. Great amateur wrestler, OK worker believable main eventer. He makes this list for being a legit athlete, he missed the Olympics due to injury …did some TNA and MMA stuff after leaving the WWF/E…will probably be back in the WWE in the future.

8. New Jack: One of my personal favorites. The Richard Pryor of wrestling, this nigga’s crazy. ECW legend and will smack ya moms in the face with a Nintendo. Absolutely insane…stabbed a guy and almost went to jail for it. This ex-bounty hunter would dive off of anything in the ECW. Best shoot interview in wrestling, I remember him starting one shoot with white powder under his nose…definitely one of the realest ever.

7. Mark Henry: Another legit athlete. A champion power lifter and strong man, he has had a very long run in the WWE. He’s been in factions with the Rock, Ron Simmons and Tony Atlas. The legit Olympian has held many titles in the WWE including ECW champ, European and World Heavyweight. Very solid worker saw his prime about a year ago…nice to see him get a run with the strap.

6. Junk yard Dog: A charismatic journeyman who had the best collection of entrance songs EVER. Another One Bites The Dust and Atomic Dog…thump indeed. He never held any major title in the WWE but was a huge fan favorite. He was one of the 1st people I remember from the Rock n Wrasslin era.

5. Tony Atlas: The Black Superman. Mr. USA. Only negro I know that has a clean win over Hogan. Known for being a huge guy that got over with the Rock’s dad Soul Man Rocky Johnson winning the WWF tag team championship. Became comedy and a manager in his later years in the company.

4. Abdullah the Butcher: The Hardcore OG. Been wrestling since 1958. A WWE/F hall of famer without ever working a match for Vince. He was extreme before Paul E. was carring that giant cell phone. His forhead is proof he’ll do anything to get over…another legend.

3. Ron Simmons: The 1st Negro of WCW/NWA. The 1st bruh I saw hold a strap over there and a tag team specialist with Butch Reed in Doom. The Florida State football alum also made the transition to WWE well as Faarooq and the nation of domination. Was in another classic team with Justin Hawk Bradshaw…the APA…great worker, great talker…old school class.

2. Booker T: The 5 time 5 time WCW champ, multiple tag team champion and only bruh to hold both WCW and WWF/E titles. Has his own wrestling school and promotion that I believe is going to become another feeder promotion for the WWE. Current Smackdown announcer and Tough Enough trainer. One of the greatest superstars period…black or white…legend.

1. The Rock: This guy has an argument for the greatest of all time period. Great as a heel or face, gifted worker and as a talker…nobody was better. Only guy to leave on his own terms, still healthy, can earn without Vince. 3rd Nation of Domination alumni. One of the biggest draws ever…just great.

And there you have it MY top ten…another one in the books. I know I was late today but I made it on Wednesday. It was a beautiful day, bout to turn in 84 days til Cowboy Football, and if you can’t get with that I GOT 4 Words for ya…YOUR OPINION IS WRONG. Peace