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If you know me you know I am a Hip-Hop head, with VERY strong opinions and I love to argue/debate. A while back I came across a book that is a MUST HAVE if you claim to be a Hip-Hop Head, Ego Trip’s Book of Rap Lists. It has lists ranging from Top 25 songs from 1996 to DJ Mister Cee naming “The Top 10 Best Ways For DJs To Get Ass” (this was published in 1999, and that last list takes on a whole new meaning now that we know Mister Cee buys Mangina). So on Tuesdays, in the spirit of that book I will be listing a Top ten every week, won’t always be rap related, (Heck my favorite show my wife hates to see me watch is the NFLs Top Ten) but there will always be a top ten. Today I randomly decided to do my top 10 Favorite Notorious B.I.G. joints, no order, just ten of the BIG joints I had to run back again and again. Here we go:
10. Dead Wrong (Remix) Feat. Eminem.
Dope track, and even though I thought Em got BIG on this joint both had great bars.
9. Players Anthem – Junior M.A.F.I.A.
Great Verses, dope hook, catchy beat…Classic joint.
8. Who Shot Ya
This beat…this beat right here…and the line “Ya heartbeat sound like Sasquatch feet…” c’mon DOPE.
7. 10 Crack Commandments
Yo, Preem + BIG= Classic Records, and it’s real creative, we need some of that now.
6. Everyday Struggle
One of my personal Favorites…not the happiest of joint but the snares on this will break your freakin’ neck
5. Warning
Another classic, classic record, paints a great picture here.
4. All About the Benjamins
This record here…the beat…the verses…killed mixtapes, radio, video…this was Bad Boy at it’s peak.
3. The What feat Method Man
The only feature on Biggie’s debut, and what a feature. Two emcees in their primes, at their hungriest, I still don’t know who won this record.
2. Brooklyn’s Finest feat Jay-Z
Yo…lyrics…presence…not to mention sneaker king Clark Kent put his foot in the track too…I remember my cousin say “Yo, it sounds like they are fighting it out on here, each verse hits harder than the last…” but BIG stood tall on this joint.
1. Flavor In Ya Ear (Remix) Craig Mack feat. Rampage, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes and Notorious B.I.G.
One of my favorite joints of all time classic remix, Easy Mo Bee killed the track but the late Mr. Wallace just blacksout once again. “Niggas is mad I get more butt than ashtrays” RIP BIG and Craig Macks rap career. Before Ready to Die dropped Biggie was asked in an interview, was Craig Mack going to be on his album, BIG’s reply “Na, I don’t fuck with that dude.”…LLAM.
So that’s it for today, do yourself a favor and find the young dude Joey Bada$$’s Mixtape 1999 that drops today, all hope is not lost on rappers under 25. No horse, no sun, but there’s only 85 days left til Cowboys football. And if you’re not down with that I got four words for ya, Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace