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This is my 1st blog/post. I’m sure if you’re reading this you probably know me already…at least a little. Anyway, anyone check out any sports this Saturday…Adam Jones’ walk off was a nice FU to all the Philly fans that sold out “The Yard”. By the way Philadelphia sports fans are the worst in professional sports. Maybe you checked out the Original big three laying their old bones down in the 4th to let Gloria’s baby boy, D. Wade’s freak booing self, and their homegirl Chris go to the finals. Anybody see a fight that night…those judges need to be put in jail. The 7th round alone proves that the flim flam was afoot. Manny almost triples Tim Bradley punches landed and ALL THREE judges scored the round for the challenger…GET THE ENTIRE F outta here. But most you yall are dead wrong about one thing…THIS FIGHT WAS GOOD FOR THE SPORT. Gives people a new personality to care about (love or hate Timmy B), a great story, another fight to look forward to other than Manny/Floyd (Even though I’m excited about the “No Judges Needed” Canelo Alvarez/James Kirkland fight), and more people are talking about boxing in general than have in a long while (105.7the Fan even talked boxing for a while). All that said, the greatest sports moment of the day was me pulling up to see Earl III hitting in his last blastball game as a penguin, on my way back from a sneaker mission(Military Blue IVs) and then seeing him get his 1st trophy that he proceeded to use to fight with, with his cousin/teammate Cayden. Great moment in Wilkerson sports. Whelp that’s it for today, the sun is shining, I have a horse on my shirt, and there are 86 days left until Dallas Cowboys football (#HBTC). And if you aint down with that, Your Opinion is Wrong. Peace